If You Want to Be Productive and Avoid Interruptions, You First Have to Accept This Brutal Truth

You hate interruptions, particularly if you’re trying to focus on finishing a complex task that requires sustained attention. Few things are more infuriating than having something come along and break your concentration just as you’re starting to make real progress. You may have snapped at whoever interrupted you–I know I have. But if you want … Read more

How People With High Emotional Intelligence Use the ‘Check 6 Rule’ to Become Extraordinarily Persuasive

There’s a saying in the military: “Check 6.” It means, basically: Remember to look behind you. It originally comes from the idea of ​​a pilot checking the six o’clock position, directly behind a plane or bomber. But you don’t need to be a veteran to adopt it. In fact, for people with high emotional intelligence, … Read more

7 Tips on How to Recession-Proof Your Business, From Leaders Who Have Been Through It

Nearly all of the jobs lost during the pandemic have been recovered. In June, the US added 372,000 jobs, beating expectations, and the unemployment rate remained cemented at 3.6 percent–the lowest at more than 50 years–according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics today. Despite the buoyant labor market, the overall economic mood … Read more

Analysts Just Issued Upgrades on These 4 Buy-Rated Stocks

The blistering inflation and rising recession odds have led to low consumer sentiment. And the market volatility is expected to remain in the near term. So, we think fundamentally solid stocks Lamar Advertising (LAMR), EPR Properties (EPR), Merck & Co. (MRK), and Tenaris (TS), which analysts recently upgraded, could be ideal buys now. Moreover, these … Read more

Use Your Online Calendar to Manage Your Home Repairs

It’s the little things that keep your home together. I know. That sounds hyperbolic. However, by repairing that leaky faucet, cleaning your gutters, and weatherstripping your windows, you can prevent more significant problems, such as severe water damage. Calendar – Calendar Simple maintenance, beyond checking that everything works, can also extend the life of your … Read more

Increase Revenue With Digital Ads in Your Retail Space

These days, people seamlessly switch between their phones, their computers, and local stores when making purchases and returns. Just think about all the websites and apps that now offer in-store, pickup, and shipping options, letting customers know whether an item is in stock or not. In this omni-channel world, customers expect to see digital ads … Read more

This Biotech Stock Looks Like a Prime Growth Play

Diversified healthcare company Abbott (ABT) has demonstrated significant innovations across its segments, and given its dominant market position, the company’s prospects look bright. The stock could be a solid choice as it is well-positioned to survive short-term market fluctuations. Let’s discuss this in detail…. shutterstock.com – StockNews Abbott Laboratories (ABT) operates in the Established Pharmaceutical … Read more